Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I'm sad to say that, as of this morning — — I have tested positive for COVID-19 on two separate rapid lateral flow tests. I'll be attending a mobile test unit later tonight to take a confirmatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in accordance with Welsh Government guidance.

While the legal requirement to self-isolate across the UK has been scrapped, I have a moral compass and refuse to be complicit in putting others at risk. For that reason and out of an abundance of caution, I will be self-isolating — regardless of the result — for ten days. To do so is beyond the guidance of the NHS and the Welsh Government but is, in my eyes, the right thing to do.

Given that I work in the resilience sector, it would be hugely ironic of me not to have thought ahead. For that reason, I've been keeping a list of everyone I've been in contact with over the last 10 days throughout the pandemic. I have contacted them all personally this morning to urge them to take a test, to self-isolate if they develop symptoms and, above all, to apologise from the bottom of my heart.

Work and volunteering

Symptoms permitting, I will continue to work full-time at Gurste. We are a fully-remote team and have developed plans for this very scenario since the beginning of the pandemic which we're implementing those plans this morning. That said, my colleagues will step in where I can't. Above all, I want to personally pledge to our clients that we'll be here in their time of need — no matter what.

I will also continue my work in the voluntary sector to the extent that I can do so virtually, bearing in mind that a great deal of my work has to take place in person. While I'm sorry that some of my work won't be able to continue, I would much rather be away for than potentially kill someone.

Where my meetings have been due to take place in person, I will be seeking to host them virtually until at least out of an abundance of caution. Where this is not possible, or if my symptoms worsen, I will arrange for a colleague to attend or reschedule as soon as I possibly can.

To that end, I will be in touch with everyone who I'm due to meet on or before later . Please do not contact me proactively as I have a large number of meetings planned, and I'm eager to make personal contact with everyone as soon as I possibly can.